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Do you want to:

Improve recycling?

Reduce waste incineration?

Have cleaner recycled materials?

Reduce CO2 emissions from waste?


<h3>Do you want to:</h3>

The right solution for these problems: Junker app!

  • Identifies more than 1.8 million products from their unique barcode
  • Indicates the products’ composing materials in 12 languages
  • Indicates the correct waste bin or recycling modality for each product
  • Exactly in the place where the citizen is at the moment (geo-location)
  • And when to dispose (calendar for door-to-door collection)

Problems solved for everyone: citizens, tourists, circular economy, and the environment!

Presentation: What is Junker App

<h3>Junker facilitates waste sorting for European citizens</h3>

Junker facilitates waste sorting for European citizens

Junker’s primary aim is to facilitate life of European citizens. Since Member States are bound under the European Waste Framework Directive to undertake measures for the handling of waste within the EU, the app might be a perfect tool to avoid incurring heavy penalties in case of infringements and to facilitate the achievement of the European goals.
To date, Junker successfully serves Italian municipalities for 20 million inhabitants all over Italy, standardizing the way of providing information and, at the same time, respecting the differences in local services.

<h3>A strategic tool to foster EU policies and suggestions</h3>

A strategic tool to foster EU policies and suggestions

Junker app is likely to become a powerful tool to help Member States comply with the minimum requirements set forth in the European Waste Framework Directive as well as the more ambitious objectives of the Circular Economy Package launched in 2015.

Within this framework, Junker app would play a strategic role because it links the new technologies with the active participation of citizens towards a circular economy.

Given the widespread use of smartphones and tablets in Europe, Junker app provides a service available everywhere and at any time. Furthermore, it considerably increases the dialogue between the administration and citizens. In fact, citizens become more responsible with regard to recycling. By increasing cooperation at local level, Junker app fosters the achievement of EU sustainability goals.


"Eventually, the app has the potential to make available a significant amount of data on waste collection and disposal varying from place to place. Its spread throughout Europe would be a first step towards a possible harmonization of waste regulations."



The EU WHITE PAPER from Collège d’Europe

The acknowledgement of Junker app through the ” WHITE PAPER ON GOOD PRACTICES IN THE FIELDS OF ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY IN THE EU MEMBER STATES” (march 2018) aims to lead to the following positive outcomes:

  • Firstly, the app is likely to provide an important source of inspiration for similar projects related to waste management within other Member States, triggering the dialogue between administrations and European citizens by means of the technology already available.
  • Once Junker app or apps with similar features have spread all over Europe, the European institutions could take advantage of a considerable and precise amount of data concerning the differences in waste management.
  • Lastly, on the basis of the data collected, the European Commission would be able to lay out a more detailed framework for the harmonization of waste regulations.


<h3>The EU WHITE PAPER from Collège d’Europe</h3>

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